100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our confidence in our products will ensure your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At OfficeKart, we thrive to make sure our customers are completely happy with their purchase - No questions asked. To make your shopping experience better and convinced, we offer a full 1-year guarantee of all our products on OfficeKart. 

Shopping at OfficeKart will give you a peace of mind, as our money back offer will allow you to replace or refund your money if the purchased products do not perform to the correct standard.

Here is the important information about OfficeKart 1-year exchange or refund guarantee:

OfficeKart goods come with a guarantee of Australian Consumer Law. Every customer is entitled to a replacement or refund in case of a major failure and for compensation for any other proven loss or damage. You are also allowed to repair or replace your purchased goods at OfficeKart if you're not satisfied with the quality, and the failure is not major.

Try it out and see what happens for you – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Simply contact us at info@officekart.com.au to speak to a customer care specialist about the money back guarantee.