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Samsung is one of the most iconic and well-known brand names in the world regularly featured among the Fortune 500 companies. It is a South Korean company with its headquarters in Seoul, and its is called Hangul in the local language. It is so big in fact, that is has created a whole town after itself on the outskirts of Seoul, called Samsung Town. It has many subsidiaries and affiliated business and employs a huge number of people all over the world.
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Ever since the first printer and copier was invented several decades ago at the beginning of the 20th century, there have been numerous advancements made to the technologies involved in the production of these machines. They are often the backbone upon which the day to day activities of the offices run in several sectors. However, should you run out of supplies, your business might suffer as some of the most fundamental functions might get held up! OfficeKart is your one-stop-shop for all your ink and toner needs Samsung E SERIES E210 and SAMSUNG ML ML-1220M. Equipped with an efficient and foolproof delivery system, all your Samsung remanufactured cartridges like Samsung Phaser 3110 and SAMSUNG SCX SCX-4016 can be delivered to you, anywhere within Australia, in the shortest time and at best prices.

History of Samsung

The company was established by Lee Byung-Chul in early 1938 as a trading company. Over the course of the next three decades, the group has branched into several areas including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. It is one of the largest manufacturers of document and imaging equipment as well. Samsung like Kyocera and OKI, being one of the greatest conglomerates in this world, has had a powerful influence on the culture, economics and the world power of the South Korean country. It produces a fourth of the country's entire exports and accounts for about 17.9% of the total GDP (as per 2016 Q2 figures). So large are its operations in fact, that it also has the 14th largest life insurance company in the world as a subsidiary, called Samsung Life Insurance.

Samsung Ink Cartridges – Reliability and Volume Guaranteed

Samsung like  HP and Kodak was founded on the principles of affordability and quality. And it continues to honor that pledge to this day. OfficeKart stocks and supplies almost all major ink cartridges that fit printers that are in use today. One of unique features of Samsung is that it produces electronic products and accessories that are usually more affordable for the common man as compared to some of the most premium brands in the market.

Samsung printers like Dell and Epson have the dual benefit of volume and speed. And this speed is not achieved at the cost of print quality and precision.

Print quality depends majorly upon the flow of ink and the structure of the print heads. The print head positions on the Samsung inkjets are so designed that there is never any breakage of the ink flow from the cartridge to the nozzles which makes for a higher degree of precision. Canon cartridges have a similar technology in use.

TIP: Most general purpose inkjets available on the market today, whether the manufacturer labels them photo inkjets or not, can print photos at about the same level of quality as you may expect from a typical print and stationery shop.

Samsung Toner Cartridges – Effortless printing with sharp images in high definition

Samsung is one of the pioneers in the market of high-quality laser printing devices. Its M33 Mono Laser series has already won accolades from across the tech hardware platform as one of the most effective lines available on the market today. It uses a special technology called the ReCP technology which makes prints get a finer finish. This ReCP technology improves the comparative readability of documents by enhancing thinner lines and sharpening the edges of text. The ProXpress M33 line delivers sharp, solid prints with effective output print resolutions of up to 1200 x 1200dpi.

This series also has the advantage of high volume. The Robust ProXpress M3320 series feature print speeds of up to 40ppm, and it is powered by a Cortex -A5 core processor which has a memory of up to 256 MB. High speed and performance allow the corporate setups to accelerate document and image processing for increased efficiency. The laser setup's multipurpose trays support paper of up to 220gsm in weight, which allows for more printing choices for professional documents.

Tip:  Better printing requires better paper quality. However, if you wish for rough documents, you may want to invest in thinner paper grades that degrade quickly.

Highest Quality Samsung Supplies at Discounted Rates on OfficeKart

Toner and ink needs are paramount in a business setup especially if they are running on strict deadlines. This is one of the reasons that makes us want to serve you better by being up to date with the latest technologies and trends for all products like Lexmark and Konica Minolta and have a better quality of stock ready to be delivered at a moment's notice. We place stipulated time periods for delivery and always deliver within time.  

OfficeKart provides a guarantee that should you place an order with us today. You will be assured delivery within the promised stipulated period, with genuine Samsung ink and toner cartridges like Samsung CLT-506L Magenta Toner and Samsung CLT-Y609 Yellow Toner, anywhere in Australia. Out attractive deals make sure that you save a significant amount with every bulk purchase.

Genuine parts at attractive payment options and deals

We, at OfficeKart, believe in living up to the promises we make our consumers. Hence, we ensure that our product always reaches you on time, duly sealed, with an assurance of quality and genuineness. We have stocks of the conventional printers available on the market today - the SAMSUNG SLC SLC-1810W, SAMSUNG SL SL-M2070, SAMSUNG CLP CLP-415, SAMSUNG CLX CLX-4195, Samsung MLT-D101S Black Toner and Samsung CLP-C660B Cyan Toner. All you need to do is create an account and log in. Add items to your cart, update the cart with one of the numerous deals that we have to offer, pay, and rest easy that the product will reach you on time.

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