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Lexmark ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Lexmark like Brother and Canon is one of the foremost names in manufacturing of imaging equipment. Founded on March 27, 1991, IBM Corporation divested a big chunk of its hardware manufacturing operations including imaging equipment like printers and printer supplies, selling them to the renowned investment firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc. in a leveraged buyout. Lexmark thus became a public company on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange on the morning of November 15th, 1995.
Lexmark Ink Cartridges and Toners Australia

Businesses thrive on data and information. And often, these bits of information need to be printed and looked at in a hard copy form. This makes the world of printers, scanners, and fax machines a very significant one in the corporate sphere. We, at OfficeKart ensure that you never have to face a dearth of these supplies when you are looking to run your business smoothly and without hassle. We have a broad range of Lexmark printer ink and remanufactured toner cartridges Lexmark E SERIES E342 and Lexmark C SERIES C522N that shall fit into any model that is in circulation in the market today. At our rates and extremely attractive deals, you will never have to pay more than what you want too. We guarantee that you shall receive your supplies from others brands like Dell and Epson as well, within the period mentioned by us on the invoice and our dedicated team of delivery executives will make sure that you are serviced as soon as possible.

History of Lexmark

In April 2016, it was put in the press that the worldwide operations of Lexmark would be now acquired by Apex Technology and PAG Asia Capital for $3.6 billion USD. Lexmark remains stationed in the city of Lexington, State Kentucky, USA. In April 2012, it was announced by the company that it would stop the production of the Inkjet printer lines. However, it still continues to provide service, support and after sales consumer benefits to those who are still using their products. In April 2013, it was announced that the inkjet technologies would be sold to Funai Electric Company, Ltd. for approximately $100 million USD. Several thousand patents were sold to the new buyer, and thus the famous inkjet patents developed and mastered by the Lexmark Corporation changed hands.

Lexmark Ink Cartridges: A guarantee of variety with quality

In the past years, several new models have been introduced like the Lexmark Pro715, Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901, Lexmark Interpret S405 and many more of a similar series. Several new inks have been added and along with separate newly manufactured and perfected print heads this promise the best quality of photographic prints with larger capacities. Their new print head technology makes sure that the streams of ink never cease to flow while the printheads do not result in unnecessary chafing of the ink on paper resulting in smoother and more accurate depictions and reduced blur effects while printing vivid colors. Several new features have been added to the models like Pro715 that allow you to save you data on the cloud and print it anytime and from anywhere. So you can remotely access the cloud and send a print command while you are not even present in the office! There is also a larger touchscreen display that allows you to navigate quickly between print jobs. The new Pinnacle Pro901 is a well crafted, compact multifunction printer, and that fact that it produces high-quality prints at even lower costs makes it one of the best models on the market who wishes for more affordability and is willing to compromise on the speed just a little bit.

TIP: Use the draft mode for printing so as to save up on the amount of ink that you use for each print, should you need prints that do not need to be of the top quality.

Lexmark Remanufactured Toner Cartridges: High volume, low costs guaranteed

Toner is one of the most frequently bought office supplies in the corporate world. This makes it one of the biggest areas of research and development at Lexmark apart from Samsung and Konica Minolta, and thus several innovations have been made which lead to lower costs and management of high volume prints. Toner tends to run out quite quickly when it is used in bulk prints and the new technology developed by Lexmark makes sure that toner is saved when the machine is idling. Furthermore, the thick print heads to ensure that only the requisite amount of toner flows into the delivery system so that there are none of the gray lines that every hates in the final print. Remanufactured toner cartridges like Lexmark Compaq IJ650 and Lexmark P SERIES P315 are now available with several innovations that increase the life of the cartridge and with our super saver offers, you will find that the overheads in your office have reduced drastically.

TIP: Let the copier get heated for some time before taking out bulk prints to increase the quality of prints.  

Highest Quality Lexmark Supplies at Discounted Rates at OfficeKart

We stock all the necessary supplies for those of you who are using any of the models of Lexmark printers or copiers in circulation in the market today. With the guarantee of quick and on time delivery, we will make sure that you are never under stocked and your business never suffers for lack of that essential office commodity - the toner and printer cartridge like Lexmark Pro 205 and Lexmark S SERIES S405. We make sure that the more you buy, the more you save with our intriguing deals. This ensures that you save up on the amount of money spent on office overheads and yet are always prepared for those heavy days at work.

Wide Selection of Lexmark Printer Cartridges at OfficeKart

We have a wide selection of cartridges to choose like Lexmark X SERIES X736, Lexmark C522, Lexmark 100XL Black Cartridge, Lexmark 150XL Cyan Cartridge, Lexmark C5240YH Yellow Cartridge and Lexmark C930HSMG C935 Magenta Generic Toner and if we don't we will get it for you! We have ample stock of all the new models that have been released in the market, and our dedicated team of delivery executives will make sure that you receive your supplies in time for your next inventory appraisal. We ship anywhere within Australia.

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