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Kyocera Corporation, based out of Japan, is a renowned multinational electronic equipment and ceramics manufacturer. It has its headquarters located in the Kyoto in Japan. Kazuo Inamori, the founder of this company initially called it Kyoto Ceramic Company, Limited, when he established it in 1959. In 1982, it was renamed to Kyocera. Within just two decades, it was changed again in 2000 to Kyocera Mita and in 2012 to Kyocera Document Solutions. Like Samsung and Brother, the company has gained much popularity around the world for its world-class printer and toner production.

Kyocera Ink Cartridges and Toners Australia

Ordering the necessary supplies for your printer, scanner, and fax machine has never been this easy! No matter what the make and model of your printer are - whether it is a standalone printing unit or a multi- purpose scan-fax-print setup, you can find all the necessary supplies from our online store. OfficeKart is your one-stop-shop for all your toner needs. We have a broad range of original and certified Kyocera printer and fax remanufactured cartridges and related supplies which serve all your needs and let you save up on procurement costs with a few exciting deals and packages. Equipped with an efficient and foolproof delivery system, all your Kyocera supplies can be delivered to you, anywhere within Australia, within a few working days, at best prices.


History of Kyocera


Kyocera started off as a manufacturer of ceramics and related materials, it soon diversified its portfolio through a strategy of a brand of internal development, mergers, and acquisitions, gaining control of some of the world's largest organizations. Apart from manufacturing industrial solar power generating systems, ceramics, technology related to telecommunications, it also makes office equipment like printers, scanners and faxes machines, electronic semiconductors and microprocessors, high-speed cutting tools, and parts for medical and dental implants.


Kyocera Ink Cartridges – Diverse, Durable, and Reliable



The corporate motto of Kyocera states: "Respect the divine love of the people." This is quite aptly reflected in the range and quality of the products that are manufactured and sold by them. OfficeKart stocks and supplies almost all the key remanufactured ink cartridges that fit printers that are in use today. Kyocera printer cartridges work hand in hand with any model of printer that you may have to yield large volumes of prints in short durations of time. And this speed is not achieved at the cost of print quality and accuracy. Only Kyocera uses a patented ceramic drum technology in its printers and cartridges. This provides a very durable and efficient printing system. Most of the competitors like HP and Canon use OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) material that is about 10 to 15 times weaker than the material used in Kyocera's ceramic drums. With a heavy focus on innovation and problem solving, Kyocera is ever eager to provide viable solutions to your printing needs.


Kyocera remanufactured toners are similar to Canon. The quality of print in any printer depends almost exclusively upon the continuity of the ink stream that flows from the cartridge to the printing nozzles. It has often been observed that when the level of ink in the cartridges reaches a particular point, the print output becomes fragmented and uneven. Kyocera cartridges like Lexmark and Konica Minolta are designed to eliminate such a possibility, maintaining an uninterrupted flow of ink through the nozzles.


TIP: Most printers are not the stand-alone equipment that can proceed with any make of ink that you load on to it. It is always advisable to stick to the ink cartridges manufactured by the company or select a company authorized spare/ replacement.


Kyocera Toner Cartridges – Effortless printing with sharp images in high definition


The groundbreaking toner technology developed by Kyocera for its cartridges paves the way for a new era in strong, fast printing systems. As has already been pointed out, the reason behind the durability is the usage of Ceramic drums which lend a level of strength to the cartridges that are lacking in the competitors' makes. This results in some unprecedented benefits such as a direct impact on your office finances, as Kyocera drums need not be replaced in as high frequencies as those of some of its competitors. This is obviously, less expensive that the replacement of an all in one print cartridge, that is usually equipped with toner as well as a replacement drum.


Recent advancements have seen tremendous progress in the quality, affordability and speed of color prints. Furthermore, the new toner quality that is being employed in all the toner cartridges uses spherical ink particles that coalesce together more quickly and efficiently than earlier, giving a smooth, more defined finish. The trapping feature boosts print quality on non-white backgrounds by automatically perceiving and eliminating shadows and other optical disturbances near the subject.


TIP: Your printer might call for high maintenance levels and more frequent replacements which push up your overall expense. This problem is complicated by using nongenuine toner in your cartridges. These spurious cartridges use a low quality toner that can cause some very harmful effects on your health and the environment. Thus, it is always advisable to stick to company manufactured (or authorized) toner refills.


Highest Quality Kyocera Supplies at Discounted Rates on OfficeKart


Printers, scanners, and fax machines are some of an essential office equipment in any business or corporate setup, without which the daily functioning of the office cannot be carried out promptly. Have you ever encountered a problem where work has been delayed for hours on end due to the lack of toner and ink in your printers? Thus, it is always advisable to reduce the chances of this happening by maintaining a steady stock of the necessary supplies. OfficeKart provides a guarantee that should you place an order with us today; you will be assured delivery within the promised stipulated period, with genuine Kyocera ink and toner cartridges, anywhere in Australia. Out attractive deals make sure that you save a significant amount with every bulk purchase, and our dedicated delivery network makes us the most reliable and efficient name in the business.


Genuine Parts With Attractive Payment Options and Deals


We, at OfficeKart, believe in living up to the promises we make our consumers. Hence, we ensure that our product always reaches you on time, duly sealed, with an assurance of quality and genuineness. You may also go through our wide selection of Kyocera ECOSYS Toner Cartridges, the popular FS range of printers like FS-1130MFP, KM-1620 and Taskalfa 3500I Toners. You can also get Kyocera remanufactured cartridges like Black Toner for FS-C5300DNMagenta Toner for FS-C5200DN 6000Yellow Toner for FS-C5200DN 10000, and much more. 


All you need to do is select the product name, add it to your shopping cart, apply one of the several coupons to avail of exciting deals, and you shall have the products with you in a jiffy!


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