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Canon Inkjet Cartridges and Toner

Canon is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world based out of Japan, and it specialises in the manufacturing and maintenance of imaging, printing and copying products. Like Brother, they are the pioneering manufacturers of digital technology that is used in several varieties of cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, scanners, printers, steppers and even high precision medical instruments. Being a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it is listed on the TOPIX index and has one of the most stable share values on the stock markets. It was the tenth largest company in Japan at the end of the fiscal year 2015, regarding market capture.100% Satisfaction with 1-Year Money Back Guarantee > Flexible Returns & Exchange Offers > Convenient Shipping Options

Canon Inkjet Cartridges and Toners Australia

Every office - whether it belongs to a large multinational corporation or a smaller medium level needs many printing facilities to facilitate the everyday working of the businesses. Whether they are a separate stand-alone printing unit or a regular company in need of remanufactured Canon cartridges like Canon BCI-3 Photo Black Cartridge, we have all the necessary inventory to fulfil all your printing and copying needs. With an assurance of delivery within 5-10 working days anywhere in Australia, we have gained the trust of all our present customers, and with attractive deals and offers, we make sure that your printing needs fall under your budget.

History of Canon

Established in 1937 by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda, the company initially did not have enough money to manufacture its own lenses and used the lenses produced by Nikkor, which is now the famous Nikon Corporation. Since then, the company has come a long way in the imaging business like Lexmark and Konica Minolta, becoming the second largest manufacturer of digital cameras and technology in the world. However, its largest stream of revenue like Dell and Epson remains in the digital copier and printer business.

Canon Ink Cartridges: FINE printing technologies

At OfficeKart, we stock a wide variety of Canon remanufactured cartridges like Canon Imageclass MF6550 and Canon Starwriter 300 that fit in almost all printers in operation today. Canon is one of the most respected names in printing technology because of its path breaking innovation and technological advancements in the field of print technology. Inkjet printers are used every day in almost every business, making them the most prolific printing machines in the world today. Like HP and Kodak, they allow users to create high-quality photographic prints, which are a result of a seamless integration of print heads and precision technologies for ink delivery systems. Canon has mastered the science of combining component technologies, making its printers and cartridges some of the most prolifically used ones in daily life.

Canon has developed the patented FINE (Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology that controls the dimensions of microscopic ink droplets. The ink ejection and delivery mechanism and printhead manufacturing technology developed by FINE has heralded significant improvements in print quality, gradation expressions, and image stability.

TIP:  To reduce the excessive consumption of paper, it is a good idea to undertake to proofread on a digital platform. This will help you save about 10% of the scrap that is generated every day.

Canon Manufactured Toner Cartridges: Efforts towards environmentally safe printing

Canon like Kyocera and OKI has taken several steps to introduce environmentally friendly manufacturing processes so as to reduce unnecessary use of plastic in the production of toner cartridges. A lot of attention is being paid to improvements in technology in using bioplastics to make Canon remanufactured toner cartridges like Canon Printers I80 and Canon Printer S300. These bioplastics are raw materials that are extracted from plants for its double ended advantage of reducing the environmental impact and, at the same time, cutting down on the expenses involved in plastics manufactured from petrochemicals.

There have been several efforts to reduce VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds in the manufacture of cartridges, so as to make toner cartridges safer for daily use. Organic solvent-based paint and cleaning agents are used in almost all plastic based processes. Canon, like all other imaging equipment manufacturers, uses organic solvents in major painting, polishing and cleaning processes for all components used in printers, cameras, and other related products. These processes have a tendency to produce volatile organic compounds or VOCs as by-products, and thus there is a need to reduce these emissions to limit environmental impact. As a step in this direction, the company has introduced  VOCs-free water-soluble paint. This is a step away from traditionally predominant VOC-generating solvents in the painting process. These colors are being replaced with water-based organic paints, and thus it has led to massive reduction in emissions of VOCs.

TIP: To save the amount of ink used for regular printing, print the non-essential documents in the "draft" mode.

Highest Quality Canon Supplies at Discounted Rates at OfficeKart

It is always advisable that you choose original company manufactured Canon remanufactured toner or ink cartridges like Canon BJC-3000 and Canon FAX JX210P so as to ensure reliability and speed when it comes to your printing needs. Every office needs an inventory and backup when it comes to printers and scanners as the functioning of the business may be hampered if the printers run out of supplies. We, at OfficeKart, ensure that your bulk orders for supplies of Canon remanufactured cartridges like Canon Color LaserJet CM2320 and Canon Imagerunner C5035 reach your doorstep in the minimum possible time, to help you keep your business up and running. Our dedicated delivery network makes sure that only authentic products are distributed, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Wide Selection of Canon Printer Cartridges at OfficeKart

We have an extensive range of office supplies for Canon printer and copier model in stock like Canon Pro 9000 and Canon 2xEP26 Cartu Premium Black Toner. With us, the more you buy, the more you save! We offer many incredible deals on bulk orders; you can mix and match and even club orders together to avail of the best offer. All you need to do is to look up your model of Canon printer/copier, add the necessary number of items to your cart like Canon BCI-11 Magenta Cartridge and Canon BCI-3 BCI-6 Yellow Cartridge, click and avail the best offers, let our delivery executives do the rest of the work.